The Menu

Here at YOCO Eatery we believe in freshness, local produce, good quality food and great service.

We want to give you something different and special. We believe in knowing where our produce comes from, so we have formed personal relationships with our suppliers. Taking all that into consideration, we prepare our food to order (*à la minute), insuring our valued customers that we deliver the best and freshest products possible.

All our menu items are very popular and may run out later in the day, ensuring that we start fresh each day with preparation of our menu items, providing you with the freshest products. We only use free-range eggs and wild caught  Norwegian Salmon  freshly cured in our kitchen.

We smoke all our smoked products on the premises, using the “cold smoking” technique, ensuring that we keep to the high standards set by chef Jaco.

We are big supporters of recycling. Our kitchen waste is worked back into the ground where we grow our own vegetables, reducing our carbon footprint and respecting mother earth.

*Prepared to order, not prepared in advance.

bolt-2 LOADSHEDDING? No problem… We’ve got the power to tantalize your tastebuds. Look out for the Loadshedding-friendly icon to see what dishes are available during power outages.