About Us


our story

Hi, welcome to Yoco Eatery.

The short version… we love food.

The longer version…

Chef Jaco Redelinghuys & myself, Yolande Snyders, joined forces two years ago, doing one of his Pot & Spoon pop-up events. We wanted to share our food philosophy and passion with people on a more regular basis and decided to open Yoco Eatery. Chef Jaco is trained in French cooking and loves to experiment with seasonal produce to create dishes that are modern with a classical twist.

The Good, the Bad & the Hungry…

Life happens and as it goes with any journey, you come to a crossroads. Chef Jaco got offered a opportunity to cook in a Michelin Star restaurant in Europe & Yolande’s dream of starting a family came true. Stas Bibergal, a regular patron, who has been coming to Yoco Eatery since it opened, met us at the crossroads and decided to continue the Yoco legacy. Promising exciting new things to come for any passionate eater.

Yoco Eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and on gallery opening evenings. Our seasonal menu is a combination of ‘easy eating’ and chef Jaco’s creative lunch specials. The Art is in the Eating.

We do small functions – Up to 20 People.

The story of the squirrel…  Have you ever watched a squirrel? They move quickly to find the next morsel to eat or to store away for winter. Their mission in life is to find food. We also want food lovers to follow their instinct and join us for breakfast or lunch. Follow the Squirrel.