Our first visit to Babylonstoren.

Our first visit to Babylonstoren.


Chef Jaco, & myself, sometimes lose track of time at YOCO Eatery and we’ve made a new rule to visit at least one place or restaurant each month to enjoy what Cape Town has to offer. Our first stop was Babylonstoren, (a first for both of us).

On arrival we were overwhelmed by the beauty of this magnificent farm. It felt like we were walking for days, passing orchards, vegetable gardens, rows of lavender and friendly farm workers, on our way to The Greenhouse restaurant. We also enjoyed seeing many squirrels scavenging and chasing each other.
The Greenhouse is a vision of pure fantasy, with the glass structure enclosing a vegetable garden and flourishing plants.
We love eating and the menu did not disappoint.  The food was stunningly presented in beautiful glass containers, brought to the table in a wooden crate. Our sandwiches wrapped in paper, which also served as plates. I have never seen such a generous portion of biltong on a sandwich. The best part of lunch was the homemade ice tea; it brought comfort to a surprisingly hot winter’s day.

Thank you to Tanya & the Babylonstoren team for your hospitality and a wonderful afternoon.

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