CELEBRATE – Special Events at Yoco Eatery

CELEBRATE – Special Events at Yoco Eatery







Ilsa’s kitchen tea was a feast of all things vintage, feminine and fabulous. A sumptuous high tea was laid out, tempting the guests with rich chocolate brownies, mini éclairs, vanilla meringues, cheesecake, Pavlova and savoury quiche slices. Claire from Something Pretty set the scene with a beautiful array of flower arrangements, ceramic rabbits, vintage books and the prettiest sky blue vintage table runners.

Using a selection of indigenous and seasonal flowers with the Something Blue décor package created a relaxed and charming table setting that perfectly suited the mood of the kitchen tea. With the wooden floors, high ceilings and artistic feel of Yoco Eatery, it was the perfect choice for a venue. – Claire, Something Pretty

Merriment and the opening of presents followed. The joy and excitement of the bride was infectious as she unwrapped each of her gifts. The smiles of her friends and family reflected the bride’s happiness and anticipation for the wedding to come.


We can highly recommend Something Pretty (www.kitchentea.co.za) to provide affordable and beautiful décor and flowers for your kitchen tea, bridal shower or baby shower. She also has a range of fun craft classes to complete the day with a special activity.

For functions at Yoco Eatery, you’re welcome to get in touch with Yolande at info@yocoeatery.co.za.


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Photography by Kirsten Goslett 

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